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Tips for great photos at the water

Recently my family spent a day in Tahuya celebrating my niece’s 5th birthday. My sister-in-law has a cabin thatView full post »

Tip for great images at the water’s edge

The days are sunny and warm, and the water is calling!  Here’s a quick tip for you to get great photos when youView full post »

Writing with Sparklers

I love capturing images on the 4th of July. I can take photos that just don’t work any other day of the year.View full post »

Shooting Shaped Holiday Lights and an Adorable Puppy!

You’ve seen those photos where the Christmas tree lights are not just sparkling lights, but sparklingView full post »

Look Less Tired in Photos: Tip for Using Flash

Your camera ‘knows’ that there is plenty of light to take a picture. Using just on-camera flash eliminatesView full post »

#1 Tip for Group Photos

This summer, you might be attending a family reunion, meeting a group of friends at the park, or going to a wedding.View full post »

7 Tips for Great Beach Photos this Summer

Heading to the beach and want to take some great pics?  Consider these non-technical based tips… My daughterView full post »

Photography Tip: Get In Close

Have you ever taken a photo, maybe of your kiddo doing something undeniable cute? But when you looked at it later,View full post »

Uncooperative Kids?

Are you worried that your kids might not cooperate during a photo session? Don’t sweat it! I’ve worked withView full post »

Ducklings, a Guard Dog, & 4 Tips for Easter Photos

We added to the chaos of our household yesterday when we got four 5-day-old ducklings to raise for my parents.  TheyView full post »

Top 6 Tips for Keeping Kids Happy at your Session

Mom’s leg can be a great prop to keep toddlers comfortable in front of the camera. Kids can be made itchy orView full post »

Seahawks! Tilt Shift Lens?

Ever wonder how some photos have such unique focusing or blur?  Some people use photo editing programs to add a blur toView full post »

Makeup, Hair, and Glasses: Hints for Looking Your Best in Photos

Looking your best – Some Quick and Easy Tips! Hair:  Photos look more natural if a fresh haircut has had a weekView full post »


Everyone is taking Selfies these days.  Some of these shots make wonderful profile pics.  Others, well, they could beView full post »

7 Tips for Improving your Camera-Phone Pictures

7 Tips to Better Photos with Your Camera Phone Phone camera technology is improving all the time! And people areView full post »

Tips for Photographing Fireworks

Follow these tips to get stunning photos of the fireworks you enjoy this 4th of July! Use a Tripod.You need to have aView full post »

Lost photos. Lost memories.

This morning I was looking at Facebook and saw a post that made me sad. This kind of thing happens far too often…View full post »

The Real Value of Photography

Photography is about people. It’s about relationships. And sometimes those connections are much more fragile thanView full post »

4 tips for preparing kids for a photo session

Want to help your kids get ready for a great session, capturing their personalities, quirks and all?  These tips willView full post »


Finally! Kara Jovag Photography has a blog! This is something I have been meaning to do for AGES, but am just nowView full post »

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